About Age In America

Our Mission: To reframe perceptions of age and being older in America with oral histories, storytelling, and images that illustrate the positivity, diversity, and value of being older.

Being old is not popular in our society, even though getting there is better than the alternative. Unfortunately, the denial of aging as a natural human process that merits recognition and value has resulted in a  multibillion-dollar industry that promotes a youth-focused culture and relies on ageism to sell its products and services.

Age In America seeks to reframe negative views of age, aging, and being older into a positive narrative that affirms the vitality, wellbeing, and contentment that often comes with being older.

How will we do it? By traveling the country to meet people of many ages, chronicle their stories, and capture their images. We believe that by demonstrating that we are all essentially the same–human and interesting and imperfect–we can shatter the stereotypes of aging and help to eliminate discrimination of people based on their age. 

Join us on this journey as we make our way across the country. We begin our travels in Baltimore, Md., where the diversity of Charm City’s history and neighborhoods is reflected in its inhabitants.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The stories of elders and their photos may surprise you, inspire you, make you laugh, and maybe even make you cry.

This project is dedicated to the memory of Marian Lerner, 1929 to 2016, the original #Instagrandma.