Bill, 73

“I’m a gamer. A couple of years ago I discovered the Playstation 3 and racing games. I’m just nuts about it. I’ve always been into European cars and racing and all these beautiful racetracks around the world. These games take you around the tracks so you can race on them. I always wanted to go to Germany and drive the Nurburgring. It runs through a forest. It’s called The Green Hell because it’s a beautiful track but it’s very dangerous. They don’t race there anymore, but on the game I have you can race it. The graphics are fabulous. You feel like you are there. You’re riding through this thing, and I think ‘how did someone drive through this at 150 miles per hour?’ Many race car drivers were killed on that track. In Switzerland you can race through the snow. I drive that, not to race, but to look at the scenery. Gran Turismo 6 – the real kicker is you can go on the lunar module when they landed on the moon.”

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