Wandra & George (2/3)

“We do everything together. We go grocery shopping together, and because we have so many grandchildren, there’s always an award ceremony or some event to go to. One plays soccer, one plays basketball. Yesterday, we had one playing soccer at 10:30, and then at 12:30 one was playing t-ball and then another one was playing basketball at 10:00. The week before, we had gone to watch the little one play soccer. Tomorrow, we have two award ceremonies. Two of our grandchildren are graduating high school—one from Dunbar in Washington, D.C., and one from CMIT in Laurel (Chesapeake Math and IT Academy). The one at CMIT is having a senior recognition day. So, we’re going to that. We have one who is working on her master’s degree and another graduating from college [this month]. Other than one who lives in North Carolina, all of the grandchildren live within a 15-mile radius of us.”

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