Dominic, 86

(1/3) You’ve been very successful in both acting and music, which is more important to you? “That’s a question I’ve always asked myself. Emotionally, the music came first. And the acting came second. But I found out they are mutually supportive of each other. I like doing both. I call myself an entertainer in that sense. I believe an actor’s job is to entertain and instruct and educate. And a musician’s job—a singer’s job—is to entertain. Singing came first because that’s the way I was brought up—knowing I could sing, not knowing that I could act. My grandfather did a lot of singing; I was very close to him. He would sing Neapolitan songs, and I was always in awe of his communicative abilities because he didn’t speak much English. I’d listen to him sing in a foreign language, in Neapolitan. So music was always emotionally close to me, especially Italian songs. And of course seeing Sinatra as a teenager, I thought maybe I could make a living doing that too. So in a very subliminal way it affected my life. When I graduated high school, I started learning to be a singer. I finally got a degree at the age of 30 and I decided I wanted to be an actor. But I hedged my bets and married the first of my four wives to make my family happy.”

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