Manuel, 91

(2/3) “I am a veteran of the second World War and Korean war. I was 26 years in the Army, where I was a master sergeant, and six in the Air Force. I was stationed at Fort Bragg, Guantanamo, and in Panama. I was in 3rd Division in Hawaii when they dropped the atomic bomb [on Japan] in June, on the 23rd. When I left the military, I joined Wall Street and worked in communications. I would type in the trades for 20 years. When I worked from 9 to 4 and then 4 to 12. I worked for Dow Jones, Merrill Lynch, and Associated Press. They give us the transcripts and we typed them in to send the news around the world. I was 20 years there. I worked two jobs and made a lot of money. After that, I retired and I did real estate for 20 more years.”

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