Carolyn, 76

(2/3) What, if anything, are you struggling with? “I’m not struggling with anything. I worked from 11 years old to 71 years old. I raised my children by myself. And, you know, that’s pretty difficult. The only reason I gave up [working and] real estate is my last client on a condo that was $66,000 was the worst client I’ve ever had in my life. That last referral was it. She was impossible. I didn’t need the money. I just didn’t want to retire because I didn’t want to get old.”

Do you ever wish you were younger? “No. Why would I want to do that? I never thought I’d live to be 76 because I partied hard and I worked hard. I smoked when I was young, and my second husband kissed me and went ‘yuck’ on our first date and I never smoked another cigarette from that day on. I thought 76 was ancient, are you kidding me? And everyone I knew that was old looked old and acted old. This is a different era.”

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