Janet, 96

What’s the best thing that’s happened in your life? “I think the decision to come in here was the best thing—in our married life, yes. Our friends told us about it, and I’m thankful for that. They were longtime friends of ours and when she found what was happening with us, she said, ‘you know, you should look into coming in here.’ The next time we came to see them we did, and we put our name on the list.”

“I’ve lived in seven states with my husband–job changes. He got out of college at a time when they were building interstates and he got a job with a consulting engineer. They were hired, along with contractors, to build sections of the interstates all over the country. He monitored what the contractors did to be sure they were doing it right. And that’s how we moved around so much. We moved from a lot, from job to job.”

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