Carol, 89

(2/2) “My husband and I lived in the West Indies for 26 years. The reason we went there was because he had been in the Caribbean in 1960 and saw this property for sale. It had a nice house and swimming pool, and it was very inexpensive. He decided it was a good investment, so he bought it. But he hadn’t done anything with it. It was on the Island of Nevis. We got married in 1978 and then we went down there and we were going to fix it up and leave it. But you can’t be in a third world country for more than a week before you’re involved; you can’t just stand there swinging your arms. There’s too much that needs to be done and people that needed training and needed jobs. So we decided we’d stay there and we started two businesses. One was called Absolutely Bliss Custom Landscaping and the other was Home and House Hunters, a real estate company. We sold, managed, and rented homes. Of course, my husband’s education was not the same as what we did there but, bless his heart, he did well on the paperwork. But we got the businesses going and they did well. We worked hard for a little bit and we’d go away and play. We did 25 house trades from there all over the world. We had a fantastic time. He was just fantastic, and I loved him and he loved me. We had a lot of fun together. We danced a lot together.”

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