Ava, 93, Green House Sage


How how have you helped some of the staff transition to being Shabazim? “I would talk to them about what it was like while they were in the health center because many of them did come from our old health center, which was a nursing home. We would talk about what the difference was and when I would see something slipping backwards—like residents sitting in front of the TV too much, instead of doing activities with them. So I would get activities and bring them, something like Bingo, and play the game with the residents. I encouraged the Shabazim to do it on their own with the residents. It was better than sitting in front of the television watching a show that they didn’t pay that much attention to. I feel very strongly about the Green House Project, and I certainly would recommend it over a traditional nursing home. I have experience with friends and family members who were in nursing homes and none of them were every really happy to be there. This is so much better.”

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