Malinda: CNA Hero

What’s it like to be a CNA right now?

“I have been in this field for over 20 years and right now it is so heartbreaking for our seniors. Every day we are all they see and talk to. Some of them think and feel like their families have forgotten them even when their families come and see them through the windows and doors, they forget and we have to remind them. Some of my happiest residents are fighting depression and say they feel like they are in prison and this just breaks my heart. Their families come and see them through windows and doors but alot of them can’t hear very well so they can’t really hear what they are saying. They aren’t getting those hugs they need and as humans we all need that. They are having great great grand babies being born that they can’t meet all they can do is see pictures. I listen to them cry and talk about how much they miss their kids and grandkids. This is the hardest time I have ever had in my career. Just remember to show your residents a lot of extra love, understanding and compassion right now because they need it. I have cried more tears in this time than I ever have in my career.”

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