Katherine, 88

Katherine Pigtown Baltimore

(1/3) “I’ve been in Maryland since 1947.  I lived in the same house for almost 50 years. Between the [B & O] Railroad Museum and Carroll park, off of Washington Blvd. The stockyards were not far away from the railroad tracks. They used to run the stock down into the slaughterhouse and that’s why they call it Pigtown. I went to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and I taught school Sunday school. I was a reader. I used to help with the dinner that they had down there. They were famous for their crab cake dinners. Oh yes, crab cake dinners. And they made tons and tons of coleslaw and potato salad that they would sell for Lent on Fridays. And the younger girls would set the tables and wait on all the people. I had one little boy who would come to Sunday school and he would wake up and put his shirt on inside out and have his shoes on backwards. Little Randy. I wonder whatever happened to him. He lived two doors from me when I was down in the city. I also worked in the soup kitchen and I was a senior warden in the church. I took care of the building and the grounds and made sure everything that needed to be done would get done. I worked at General Elevator for 33 years in Linthicum. I made elevator parts. I carpooled with my neighbor who worked on Old Annapolis Rd. at a box factory. He would go right by the factory and drop me off and pick me up after work.”

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