Freeman, 66

(1/3) What’s it like to be 66? “Stunningly surprisingly, I don’t feel any different. I remember how I thought about people who were 66 when I was 40. I never thought I would be here and surprise, surprise, I am here. I am coming to appreciate what experience can do in getting perspective. And that in many ways people are right that age is a number and that mindset is so much more important in thinking about what 66 means.”

Do you ever wish you were younger? “Believe it or not, I don’t. I’ve gotten to this point and I have come to understand it will be ok, and even when you’re younger you always worry if it will be ok. My grandmother would say to me when I would worry so much about everything. ‘Freeman, ask yourself this question: what will it be like 50 years from now.’ If it was a grade I didn’t like or having a problem with a friend, the point was, put it in perspective, give it time, it will be ok.”

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