Dolores, 95

(1/2) What’s it like to be 95: “It’s like being 16—inside you don’t change—well, not exactly 16. I’d like to be a little older than that; I wasn’t too settled at 16. But you feel young, and your body feels—you have the aches and pains, the maladies of being old. But if your mind is clear you feel like any young person does. I feel the same as I when I was making decisions for my family or when I was doing other things. I just can’t do as many things physically.”

What’s the worst part about being 95? “The physical part.”

Where did you grow up? “I grew up in Irwin, which is southeast of Pittsburgh. I lived there for 22 years. It was a coalmining town. It was during the time of the Depression and my mother and father were poor in the standards that everybody was around us. I was very fortunate that they were very loving. I didn’t know as a small child that it was the Depression. I didn’t know that other people had more than two dresses or one pair of shoes. I didn’t know that dinner depended on what you could afford or scrounge. My dad was a baker and so we ate an awful lot of bread, day-old bread. We called it fried bread, which now has the lovely name of French toast. Which I don’t want any part of. But we always had something to eat. Maybe it wasn’t what you call real nutritious meals. Then along came the Second World War and there were rations on everything. And if you could afford good meals, you couldn’t get them.”




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