Stan, 100

(1/2) What’s it like to be 100? “I just keep on living like I have. I don’t feel old. I try not to act old. Of course I’ve got the cane here. I have certain weaknesses, but I live alone. I have a three-room apartment: a kitchen, a living room, and a man cave. I hope to clear all the junk out of the man cave and get back to a loom. I used to do weaving and hand weaving. Once I clean the room, I’ll order up a new loom and put it in.”

Where did you grow up? “I’m from all over. I was born in Massachusetts, in Worcester. I’m a damn Yankee: I grew up in Detroit then we moved to Danbury, Conn., for a year and then to Philadelphia for a year, and then the company moved us to Portland, Ore. And then they moved us back here to Pittsburgh. This was in 1931–times were hard then. Dad was let go, but mother kept the house going. I’ve been in Pittsburgh ever since. I’m a University of Pittsburgh graduate. I graduated in April of 1980. I was about 63 or 64. We had two girls, we got them through college, and then my wife went to college. She went to Pitt fulltime and then it was my turn.”

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