Stan, 100

(2/2) What’s the best thing that’s happened in your life? “There is one thing that in a way was the best, but also the worst thing that’s happened to me. When I was just out of high school, at 17, I got a job delivering newspapers. So everyday I would walk across Westview, pick up my papers and go down the street throwing papers right and left (and sometimes through a window). On one trip, I was passing this house and a young lady stepped out and asked me if I would like to go to a Valentine’s Day party. We went and had a good time. I started dating her, and we dated for two-and-a-half years. The next thing I know, she’s gone—she died of pernicious anemia. So that was a striking moment, you could say. In fact, the ladies of the church were getting worried about me, because I was acting a little crazy. When you’re 19 and you lose your girlfriend, what are you gonna do?”

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