Carlton, 54

(1/2) What’s the best thing that’s happened in your life? “I have a sense of freedom without having to punch a clock. I’m not retired but because of my work and the collaborations I’m involved with, I’m able to choose my work schedule. Fifteen years ago, I founded, along with two others, the Center for Black Equity-Baltimore, an international organization that advocates and provides network services for black LGBT people and their allies. I’m also involved with SAGECAP Baltimore, which is part of the LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care and Services & Advocacy for GLBT (SAGE) Elders. SAGECAP offers counseling, support groups, workshops, and more to LGBT older adults. I am also part of the Ryan White Planning Council as vice chair. It’s amazing that [the Center for Black Equity] is still going on 15 years later and we are looking forward to doing more in the community and working more with elders because many have little resources. One thing I don’t want to happen is to be 60 or 70 and go back in the closet. Sometimes the relatives and friends who care for us when we age have different feelings about LGBT individuals, and sometimes they bring their own baggage.”

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