Jenny, 92

(2/2) “I don’t feel any different than when I was 91. So that’s how that is. There’s nothing to say anymore. But when I see the children today, how they’ve got it so good, and when I came up it was hard, you know? Cold rooms, like you’re sleeping outside. It was cold. You had half a dozen blankets on you to keep warm. We had a cold stove and a gas stove down in our kitchen and I would make a fire when I was eight or nine years old. I would wash the clothes. I had to go find the Maytag wringer and put the clothes through the wringer, let them go in the tub, and get them out. Then, my sister and I used to put them on the clothesline. I used to wash the hall and the front marble steps. Whether it was winter or summer, they had to be washed. I had a sister who was like Mother Superior, so what are you going to do?”

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