Miranda: CNA Hero

How have things changed at your place of work since COVID? “My facility went on lockdown ASAP after COVID-19 was announced, and no family or community members have been allowed in or out—just employees. I’m scared because we are wearing same masks for up to 2 weeks and taking necessary precautions as much as possible. But some staff aren’t washing their hands, clocking in and out and such. Communication is lacking for staff on weekends and nights, nurses are taking out frustrations on certain CNAs, which is not fair, and I was yelled at for getting a new masks because I had the same one for 2 weeks. It was very upsetting.”

Is your employee giving you higher or hazard pay? “My employer isn’t paying any higher pay or hazard pay but they are paying us for hours missed if we are sick and at home. They have given us toilet paper. I just feel we should get hazard pay, and better communication is a must.”

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