Nancy, 85

How has the pandemic affected you? There are all kinds of restrictions. I’m not allowed to leave here now except for doctor’s appointments. Our little shrinking world shrank more. This place is very nice. My daughter picked it out. I just love this place. This is beautiful. Nothing about this has affected me. Well, I’m not driving anymore. I made the decision to not drive anymore. This happened about a year ago. I’ve been able to see my son a couple of times. We have music that comes here. Some people drive here and get out their van and play some music and sing, across the driveway here, and it’s really nice. We sit here. It’s beautiful. They are very nice folks.

When the pandemic is over, what is the one thing you’d like to do? Visit with my friends. When I moved in I invited my friends over for a party and I want to have another party.

What is the best thing that’s happened in your life? Having a family and being in touch with them. And thats’s really nice. [I have] children. Two live here and two live in California.

What is the worst thing that’s happened in your life? Not being married to the right man. That would solve a lot of problems I’ve had. I had two [marriages].

What is something that you can teach someone else? I was a teacher for many years. I was qualified/certified first through eighth grade. I enjoyed the second graders more than the first graders. Second graders don’t crawl up into your lap so much. First graders are just fresh from being home and kindergarten and lots of hugging. I can’t imagine what parents are going through this year. I loved teaching. I happened to teach in Palo Alto, Calif., where they didn’t bother you with what you were doing. I brought snakes into the classroom. The ones I had were live births. I was working with a publishers and I brought a book into the classroom and it was a new way of teaching reading that was coming around the corner. I was the only one doing it. It wasn’t crazy it was just a different way.

Do you wish you were younger? Oh sure but not young, young, young. I’m starting to count the days until I die. I don’t want to die. I still have things to do. I still can walk and talk and read and sing.

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