Larry, 68 (1 of 2)

How has pandemic affected your life? “It has stopped me from doing a whole bunch of things. It stopped me from coming out here on a regular basis. I miss some folks. We always have to keep this far apart. I think most of us aren’t accustomed to being like that.”

What’s the first thing you want to do when it’s over? “That’s rated X.”

What is the best thing that’s happend in your life? “Being here, actually. Before I came here, my wife had put me at another place which is not even one-third as nice as this place. I didn’t like it, but I had no choice because she put me there and I had no phone and I had no way of communicated with anybody else. I was pretty much a piece of meat and a number. But they took my Social Security and I was not control of anything. Between my sister and my aunt, they got me out of here.”

What happened to your wife? “She divorced me. Actually, I was married twice. The first one was 22 years. I don’t like changing horses in the middle of the stream. I didn’t do what she told me to do. I said no to stuff she wanted me to do. I said no too many times and she got pissed at me. She tricked me into (going to the other place). I thought we were going for a ride. We stopped at that place and she said we were going to check it out. It was larger than this place but nowhere near as nice. At some point, they snuck away from me. I didn’t realize they were gone.”

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