Larry, (Part 2 of 2)


What happened to your wife? “[After she left], I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t have a phone and that’s why I have this phone now. I will never be without a phone again. After a while, I said, “thank goodness,” because she had become very violent. Actually, I had called the cops on her three different times. I would never hit a woman and she knew this. She hit me with her fist, she kicked me. And she tried to kick me in my testicles but I wouldn’t let her. That is water under the bridge.”

What is the worst thing that happened in your life? “Marrying her. It didn’t start bad. It was good for 15 years, but after that it started going downhill.”

What can you teach someone else? “I taught my step-kid a lot of different things. I taught my step-daughter how to watch out for boys.”

What is something you would like to learn? “To be content with my life and go forward.”  

Do you ever wish you were younger? “No way. Oh, my goodness, no. I do not want to be younger. I didn’t like having to wait until I was older to do things.”

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