Dee, 85, Green House Sage

What’s it like to be 85? “I don’t feel any different because I’ve been very active–teaching school for 30 years, and then moving to John Knox and being in involved here. Age doesn’t matter when you think about it. I wasn’t telling anybody how old I was and it wasn’t because they asked me and I didn’t want to tell them. It’s just that don’t feel any different. You know, I haven’t felt any different, I think, since I was 60. I’m still using a lot of energy.”

What’s it like to be a Sage? “When the Green House home [The Woodlands at John Knox Village] came to be, I said, ‘all right, this is for me.’ I really liked the concept when they started talking about the role of a Sage and what it would be. I had a grandfather that was in a nursing home for one month and we pulled him out, and I thought ‘I never want anyone in my family go through that.’ It’s funny because some of the elders ask, ‘do you get paid for doing this?’ And I say, ‘no it’s a volunteer job.’”

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